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so im back at school n stuff

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Dance-off, bro. Me and you.

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today’s warmup. ink, prismacolor marker, and gold acrylic. might do a whole series of these to enter in the NDK art show since i’m unable to sell there.

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kitten wiggles ears while eating

i don’t even care if i reblog this twice a day every single day for the rest of my life

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Pilots call me Starbuck, you may refer to me as God.

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So my urgency re: raising money for a car has sort of um.  Doubled.

Ex’s grandmother now wants to start charging me to live here.  Which is… understandable.  But half the lights don’t work, the boys’ room doesn’t have a door, the stairs are rickety and scary in the winter, and the front door has thin cardboard where glass used to be and would be knocked off its hinges with one swift kick.  pragula can attest to all of this.  Plus, the plumbing is terrible.  So I’m going to try to find a car I can live in for the next month or two whilst the weather isn’t terrible (and  I have a couple of friends I can couchsurf with as well).  This car I’m trying to get at 3k is going to be my home for a little bit, and without it I’ll lose my job and be stuck here at the whim of Ex and his family for god knows how long.

I’ll be putting up the video today.  I expect a lot of anger but I’m also hoping to touch some people or say some things that need to be said and I’m hoping that’ll be enough to inspire people to help.

There’s a donate button on top of my blog or you can donate to via paypal.   Loans are good too - I can pay back any money that doesn’t need to be paid back right away (that is, can be paid back within a month or two).

Thank you.

Please can everyone signal boost this and donate if you can. My friend doesn’t deserve to be going through this shit. 

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Dragon Age Fancast - Chris Pratt as Alistair

"Just so you know, if the king ever asks me to put on a dress and dance the Remigold, I’m drawing the line. Darkspawn or no."

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reblog if you LIKE video games, if you LOVE video games, or if you have ALIENATED everyone you KNOW because you REFUSE to talk about ANYTHING ELSE

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