so we had kmnr elections today

and i’m music director next year?? ?

hahhhahha w what aaahhhhaha ha h h aa how

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this is a nahman jayden appreciation blog now i guess

oops what have i become

omg did they change the subtitle font in the ffx remaster

is that tahoma

brb crying tears of joy

ur still in the doghouse but this is mildly redeeming

jon is playing south park tsot and it is the most amazing thing

so i have gotten a couple of new followers lately (i assume from my kh gifs??) but anyways hello! i will try to make some more stuff u will like

pls enjoy your stay

so i am an assistant music director at kmnr right

there are like 10ish of us and we input all the new albums every week

and today the head music director straight up asked me if i wanted her job next year


i mean i would have to run and the whole station votes so who knows if i would get it or not but still??? ? ?

what? how? me? ?? ? w hy??

forever crying over what they did to tidus’s face in the x/x2 remaster

i just




remember that time kh2 was like

new protag lol

jk he isn’t real


i’m not sure if u guys know how much i love my icon